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Do Evolutionists Say That It Is Okay To Mix Church and State?

It seems as though the National Center for Science Education, the California group that works overtime to keep religion out of the nation’s science classrooms, thinks mixing science and religion is okay after all.  That is to say, just as long as religion is used to support evolution!

This group, headed by anti-creationist Eugenie Scott, teamed up, in 2007, with the University of California to build a website for teachers called “Understanding Evolution.”  Part of the funding came from a nearly half-million dollar federal grant... tax dollars.

The website encourages teachers to use religion to promote evolution.  How?  Teachers are told that nearly all religious people, theologians, and scientists who have religious beliefs, endorse evolution.  The site goes as far as saying that believing in evolution actually enriches their faith.

One page on the site has shown a cartoon of a scientist shaking hands with a pastor who is holding a Bible.  What you will not find on this site are the scientific arguments against evolution, or any mention of those who believe in a literal, six-day creation.

Evolutionists will do whatever they can to indoctrinate others into believing their secular, humanist worldview. And sadly, they use Christians who have been indoctrinated into evolution to support their agenda.



Does Evolution Make Science Possible?

Some evolutionists have argued that science is not possible without evolution.  They teach that science and technology actually require the principles of ‘molecules-to-man’ evolution in order to work.  They claim that those who hold to a biblical creation worldview are in danger of not being able to understand science.

Critical thinkers will realize that these kinds of arguments are incongruous because evolution is actually contrary to the principles of science.  That is, if evolution were true, the concept of science would not make sense.  Science actually requires a biblical creation framework in order to be possible.

Science presupposes that the universe is logical and orderly and that it obeys mathematical laws that are consistent over time and space.  Even though conditions in different regions of space and eras of time are quite diverse, there is nonetheless an underlying uniformity.

Scientists are able to make predictions only because there is uniformity as a result of God’s sovereign and consistent power.  Scientific experimentation would be pointless without uniformity; we would get a different result every time we performed an identical experiment, destroying the very possibility of scientific knowledge.

Evolutionists are able to define evolution as science only because they are inconsistent.  They accept biblical principles such as uniformity, while simultaneously denying the Bible from which those principles are derived.



Does God Really Care?

People who accuse God of sitting back and doing nothing are missing an important truth.  Actually, God has already done everything you would want a loving God to do.

After Adam sinned, the Lord did not abandon mankind or destine us to an eternity of suffering and separation from Him.  God, in His mercy, stepped into history in the person of His Son, Christ Jesus, the “last Adam.”  He became a man so He could suffer death on a cross, paying for the sins of His people, all people.

Jesus also rose from the grave, showing mankind that He has power over death.  He offers eternal life to all who believe and receive this gift by faith.

Those who put their trust in Christ Jesus as Lord Savior have a wonderful hope; they can spend eternity with the Him in His kingdom. Revelation Chapter 21 describes this place, where “God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.”

We all need to understand God’s perspective of time.  The Apostle Paul says that our present suffering is so insignificant, in view of eternity, that it cannot even be compared to the glory to come (Romans 8:18).




Evolutionist Quote of the Month

“Some speculate that alien intelligence might beam vast streams of coded information, a virtual encyclopedia galactica, with insights into the origin of the universe or immortality.”

  San Diego Union-Tribune, November 5, 1993.


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